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Webhostingpad Coupon: What You Need to Know

Webhostingpad is a well-known shared hosting service provider. The company is one of the top providers in shared web hosting and constantly offers Webhostingpad coupon to provide further affordability on its web hosting packages. The company is a reputable web hosting company established since 2002 and having its own data center that is rated as world-class. It offers all web hosting features and support that makes any shared web hosting experience worthwhile.

Webhostingpad Coupon

There are tons of small businesses out there that do not still have a share of the web space. As a result, they are missing out from potentially massive clients and customers in their locality. Also, a good number of individuals have valuable information they desire to communicate to the rest of the world. However, they are not able to do so because they do not having an online presence. If you fall into any of these categories, you are definitely the reason for webhostingpad coupon offer.

Instead of paying the full hosting price (which is already low on webhostingpad platform), you can take advantage of the coupon to save up to 50% depending on the type of coupon you choose. And, the whole process of finding and using the coupon is simple.

What Type of Hosting Plans are Available with the Coupon?

As noted earlier, Webhostingpad offers just one type of web hosting package which is shared web hosting. You can either choose the Power Plan package or the Power Plan Plus. In essence, the Webhostingpad coupon applies to these two aspects of shared web hosting on Webhostingpad platform.

And, the Power Plan Plus offers even more advanced web hosting features best suited for professional websites. In addition to all the hosting features you will get with the Power Plan, you will also enjoy the following with the Power Plan Plus;

  • SSH Access
  • SSL certificate
  • Advanced web stats
  • Advanced security spam
  • Business directory listing
  • Advanced spam filter

Webhostingpad Features at a Glance

When you take advantage of the coupon discount from Webhostingpad to sign up for a hosting account, you will enjoy all of the hosting features found on their site with no exception.  Here’s the summary of those features;

Free Features

The most striking free features found on Webhostingpad platform are free site builder and free domain name. If you have an idea of how much it costs to pay a website developer to build a site for you, then you will appreciate the free site builder tool greatly. The interesting part is that you don’t have to be a programmer to use the site builder tool. However, a little programming knowledge will be a plus. In addition, there are tons of website templates to choose from.

Unlimited Features

You will get all of the unlimited features even with the Webhostingpad coupon. These features include unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited domains, unlimited sub-domains, unlimited emails, unlimited parked domains and much more.

Ecommerce Features

If you operate an ecommerce website, you certainly need certain special features for the security and overall top performance of your site. Webhostingpad has generously provided those features even on a discounted purchase. These features include Os commerce shopping cart, open GPG/PGP encryption, advanced fire walls, password-protected directories and 24/7/365 security.

Extra Features

Also known as bonus features, the extra features you will get by signing up on Webhostingpad platform include mailing list, image galleries/coppermine, message board, Mambo and Joomla.

The U.S based support by this web host is offered round-the-clock, plus world-class technology that ensures optimum uptime and overall top performance of your domains. In essence, you can always get support even if it is at odd hours. And, you will be sure that your website will always be up and running as a result of optimum uptime at all times.

Bear in mind that Webhostingpad coupon is a limited offer. It simply means you can only take advantage of the coupon while the offer lasts. So, it is better to make use of the coupon as soon as it is released, especially if you do not know when the coupon will expire.

Note: If your web hosting need requires VPS or dedicated server, you may have to look for another web host since Webhostingpad offers only shared web hosting.

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WebHostingPad Review: A Look Into WebHostingPad’s Hosting Services

Webhostingpad Review: A Look Into Webhostingpad’s Hosting Services

Simply one of the big players of the web hosting industry, not only is Webhostingpad among the leading web hosting providers you could wish to work with but the company is also one of the most seasoned and most experienced in this industry. Webhostingpad started providing premium web hosting services since 2005. Ever since, the company had continuously built themselves into the hosting titan they are at present by providing web hosting services to a growing customer and is a proud host to more than 200,000 domains all over the world.

Effortless to get started and even simpler to use, Webhostingpad is the type of reputable web host you can rely on regardless of what you are attempting to do online. The company’s unlimited everything approach and innovative hosting services gives you the satisfaction and assurance you need to know that you will never have to be concerned about getting referrals from your hosting provider. You will constantly have the very best of almost everything at a very reasonable price. Webhostingpad is probably one of the cheapest hosting providers in the web hosting industry today.

At Webhostingpad, hosting plans start as low as $1.99 per month from its regular hosting price of $4.95 per month. The web hosting service they provide is ideal for personal websites or small and medium businesses that are planning to start an e-commerce website. Webhostingpad has been providing top of the line web hosting services for years and continues to grow as one of the best and most reliable web hosting company today. Across the globe, Webhostingpad boasts more than 200,000 hosted domains making them one of the most impressive global leaders in the competitive world of web hosting industry. One of the talked about benefits of using Webhostingpad web hosting solutions is their high quality services at reasonable prices. The company’s special discount deal of less than $2 hosting plan is a leading example of this. It offers customers up to fifty percent discount per month which is quite a bit generous looking at what other web hosting companies have to offer.

Once you sign up with Webhostingpad, you are guaranteed one free domain name that you can use forever. They also provide website building tools that will make the task of web masters and web administrators a whole lot easier. In addition, their hosting package of less than $2.00 hosting price per month gives you the opportunity to host multiple domains using a single account. So if you are hosting several websites using a different hosting platform, this is your chance of consolidating all your sites to a single hosting account and benefit from a wide array of valuable features that can help improve your online visibility.

And to top it all, Webhostingpad also provides you access to unlimited number of email accounts and they also provide easy to use scripts like SSH, MySQL, FTP, Ruby, Perl, CGI, and a whole lot more. More importantly, Webhostingpad offers 24/7 customer support even for those who are only availing the discounted deal.

If you are looking for additional perks, Webhostingpad more than $200 worth of free extras. These perks include $25 worth of Google Credit, $25 worth of search credit for Bing and Yahoo, $50 worth of Facebook advertising credit, free business listing at Yellow Pages, WordPress blogging tools and $100 Access Guardian value. Webhostingpad’s basic hosting plan is also inclusive of cPanel Control Panel access, Cloud Flare and Cloud Linux, RAID protected servers and SSD Database Storage all for a very affordable hosting price. If you want a reliable server, Webhostingpad provides 99.9% uptime guarantee with award winning support and fully money back guarantee if you think their service is not at par with your hosting requirements. Webhostingpad also provides advanced security scanner to make sure your websites are fully protected.

Webhostingpad is one of the companies that offer the cheapest but highly reliable web hosting prices in the industry. At present, the company proudly hosts more than 200,000 existing domains and they are positive that the products and services they provide will continue to improve to the advantage of their customers worldwide. Cheap web hosting is a necessity but it must not compromise with the quality of the hosting services being provided.

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